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Mobile Monday: Pin Drop (iOS)

I was looking for an app that allowed me to tag a gps location of my choosing, potentially take a photo, and leave a description of the place. Say hello to ‘Pin Drop’, this little gem of an app does all of the above.

I’m currently using it to tag burial sites of my ancestors, the app allows you assign a colour to each ‘drop’ and for burials I decided to use the colour black.

My next job after burials is going to be tagging the places where my ancestors lived, where born, married, and worked. I’ll do this using living relatives information, marriage documents, census reports, etc. I’m hoping that one day I’ll end up with a history map of my ancestry.

I’m really excited by this!

Link to the app: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/pin-drop/id425356789?mt=8

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