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Allerton Cemetery - A roller-coaster of emotion

On Friday I went to the dead centre of Liverpool, Allerton Cemetery (sorry I couldn’t resist). I went after my visit to the Liverpool library, in search of two graves, my great grandfather Herbert Rose, and my great grandmother Mary Hollingsworth.

The library had given me the plot maps for the cemetery and I set off in search of Section 29. Once I had found it, I had the grave map too, and thought ‘this is easy, I’ll be at the graveside in no time’. How wrong I was, all the graves stopped before I got anywhere near the number I needed.

So I decided to look for the other grave in section 20, but once again I ran out of numbers. I had so far doesn’t about 45 minutes walking around, completely lost and confused. Only one thing for it, go to the cemetery office!

The man in the office was nothing like I had imagined he would be, cracking jokes, openly helpful, and knowledgeable too. He quickly realised the error of my ways, it wasn’t 29 but 2G, and section 20 was CE (Church of England) 20, not RC (Roman Catholic) 20. He went away, got me two better grave maps, told me more information about the burial including the time, and set me off in the right direction.

With the new/correct information finding Herbert Rose’s grave was easy, I found it was shared with 4 other members of the family, my great grandmother Florence, and a few others all related. I was gobsmacked that I was stood at my great grandparents grave, it was an amazing moment, full of emotion.

With this new found confidence I set off in search if my great grandmother Mary Hollingsworth’s grave, this took a little longer, I walked around trying to find the grave but couldn’t find the row it was on, I could find the two either side but not the one I wanted…and then I realised.

My great grandmothers row wasn’t visible because it was in a public grave, therefore it was in between rows of tombstones, in effect my great grandmothers grave was directly under my feet. I was saddened by this realisation, thinking that she had passed away and there wasn’t enough money to give her a proper burial, and not only that but there wasn’t even a plaque flat on the turf where she lay, it was just grass.

So there you have it, my day went through excitement, confusion, humour, excitement again, jubilation, more confusion, and sadness; a real roller-coaster of emotions!

Have you had any success in searching for ancestors graves? Send me a tweet if you want to discuss it further @kollies