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Genealogy podcasts have taken over my commute!

I would never have thought when I first searched my grandfathers name on the Internet the impact it would have on my life. as you’ve probably gathered by now I’m slightly addicted to genealogy, so much so that it’s become an integral part of my trip to and from work. I find that instead of listening to music, I get a much calmer and economical (important with petrol being over £1.30 nowadays) journey if I listen to a genealogy podcast.

Before this I had never really *got* podcasts, sure I’d listened to the odd one from Radio 1, or a random one I’d downloaded from iTunes. But I’d never really subscribed to anything before, that was until I found a couple of genealogy podcasts.

1. Geneabloggers Radio: this is a weekly web based radio show, hosted by Thomas Macentee every Friday night. The subjects vary from week to week, but the theme is always consistent. It’s a talk show, with 2-3 guests per week, some general genealogy hints and tips, recent genealogy news, and a very interactive chat board (although I’ve never seen this love due to the time difference, I’m led to believe it’s awesome, and have no reason to disagree). Although the radio show is broadcast at 3am GMT, it is available by the time I wake up on Saturday morning, and fits in nicely with my daily drive.

2. The National Archives: based around the National Archives in the UK, each podcast has a set theme or story, where the speaker (different each time) will discuss an area of their own expertise. The information is always excellent, however the recording quality can leave a lot to be desired. Still it gets a regular listen from me.

3. Geni: bitesize chunks of genealogy, normally with the guest Thomas Macentee. Every episode covers an area of research e.g. Collaborative genealogy, and always findings off with how the website www.geni.com incorporates this feature. Whilst it sounds like a 15 minute advert, it’s definitely not delivered that way, and is one of the best podcasts I listen to due to it being in snippet format.

4. Genealogy Gems: Hosted by Lisa Louise Cooke, a great podcast covering a multitude of genealogy areas. I look forward to the next release as soon as I’ve finished listening to the current one.
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1. Geneabloggers: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/geneabloggers
2. National Archives: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/podcasts/
3. Geni: http://www.geni.com/blog/podcast
4. Genealogy Gems: http://www.genealogygems.tv/Pages/Podcast/PodcastList.htm

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