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Time to get organised!

Working a full time job I find it difficult to research effectively all the time, I’ll listen to a genealogy podcast on my journey to and from work, constantly churning over new ideas about how to progress, technology to use, websites to visit, and much more.

However, by the time I’ve finished my day some of the ideas I earlier had I’ve forgotten, either in full or the important reason I wanted to research a particular area.

Another area where I struggle is due to the above I’ll start one area of research, but by the time I get around to researching again I’ll forget where I was up to, and lose the momentum I had the day(s) before.

So I need to break the mould, the question is how? I think I need a research log, I’ve heard about other more experienced genealogist’s using these, and how they’ve helped them keep everything in order. This would also appeal to my obsession with lists. Two birds, one stone.

How do you make time to do your research?

Feel free to send me a tweet to @kollies about your own family history research.

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