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Forums…why wouldn’t you?

With today’s emphasis on social networking, forums are becoming a place confined to the yesteryear of the Internet (along with AOL, MySpace, etc).

In the Genealogy world however they are booming!

I joined a site called Rootschat (www.rootschat.com), this is an obline forum where you can ask for advice, help with brick walls, photo dating and restoration, amongst many other things.

I’ve only posted a few things on there, but every-time I have it’s been answered, and answered very well. People will help you find out that one clue you’ve missed, like my Great Grandfather living a couple of doors away from his parents in 1901; or giving me viral information in relation to my wife’s paternal name (Lesbirel), which in turn helps me go back a dew more ancestors. I’ve even ha some success in uploading poor quality images, and asking for people to restore them.

Above all the forum is a fantastic place to be, very helpful, lots of tips and hints, and mostly…downright useful. So what are you waiting for, get over to rootschat today!

Feel free to send me a tweet to @kollies about your own family history research.

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