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Head in the cloud or on the desktop?

Where do I store my tree?

Where do I store my documents?

These are the two questions I found myself facing quite early on in my research. After a couple of weeks of using Ancestry to store my tree, I realised that I was about to start storing some quite personal documents from my families history, e.g. Birth certificates of living relatives, etc. Obviously I wanted people’s data to be secure, and I wanted it to be linked to the relevant person on the tree.

So, I decided to look into a desktop software application for storing it, I had recently purchased a few genealogy magazines and included in them was a cd which had various resources on it, one of which was MyHeritage, a great programme for hosting the data stored on my harddrive. To build my tree I started off by exporting my Ancestry tree in Gedcom format, and simply importing it in to MyHeritage; this programme allows me to build my family tree offline, put photos & documents in there (& tag them), create reports, and much more.

However, I also decided to keep my online tree with Ancestry, the only difference being that now the majority of my documents, etc, is stored offline, with the online version showing the people in my tree and 1 contact style photo (purely for aesthetics).

NB: MyHeritage also allows publishing of your family tree to an online site, however as I was using the free version I would be restricted to 250 people, therefore I use Ancestry.co.uk instead


MyHeritage Fanily Tree Builder download http://www.myheritage.com/family-tree-builder

Ancestry: http://www.ancestry.co.uk/ 

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