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What’s in a surname: Hollingsworth

1st occurrence in my family history: 1st Generation (me, Keith Hollingsworth)

Many variations of the name Hollingsworth have been found, including Hollingsworth, Hollinsworth, Hollingworth and many more.

The name Hollingsworth has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. The name comes from when a family lived as inhabitants by holly bushes. The surname Hollingsworth originally derived from the Old English word hollins.

Hollingsworth was first found in Cheshire (It is a habitational name from places in Cheshire and Lancashire called Hollingworth) where a family seat was held from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.

In the United Kingdom today there are 3075 people with the surname Hollingsworth, this places it as the 2024th most common. For every 1million people, 67 are called Hollingsworth!

Motto: Disce ferenda pati
Motto Translation: Learn to endure what must be borne.




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