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My 15 minutes of fame: Filming

An email was sent around in work asking for peoples stories about how technology had improved their lives, so I replied not expecting anything to come from it, explaining my story through my family tree (see the previous blog posts).  Explaining that before technology was so easily accessible genealogy would take up most of my spare time, by ‘doing things the old way’ and visiting record offices, libraries, cemetaries, etc. Now it must be said here that I really enjoy getting stuck in to a ‘real’ record in a dingy office, however the point I was trying to make was how much time and money can be saved, especially in the early days like I was and still am.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I was selected to appear in a video for the upcoming conference in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre,which would be shown in front of approx 2000 people.

So a crew of 4 people came up to my hometown, and proceeded with the filming. The filming was unreal, it took place in my house, my furntiture was moved around countless times, the lighting was setup, I had a wire on, and I was treated like a star for the day.  At one point they filmed me outside, this was hilarious as it took about 15 takes, all the neighbours curtains where twitching by the end of it, I reckong they where disappointed when they realised it was just little old me and not Peter Andre or some other celeb.

Heres a quick picture of the setup in my house

Filming setup

Before you click the video, its important to know that it’s not just a video about me or my research, or even only genealogy; its a video about technology improving/changing peoples lives.  Anyway, enjoy…

PS. If the video doesn’t work/embed, heres the link to the site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sO2UBuqDNc

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