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The power of social networks pt 2: Facebook

Facebook is massive nowadays, and has more than 750 million active users on it’s site. So naturally with me already using Twitter I wanted to see how I could incorporate this into my research.

I decided the one area Facebook succeeded over Twitter was it’s ‘Groups’ function, these are pages that you set up, and can invite people to discuss something in more detail, it can be anything you want (providing it’s online with Facebook’s T’s & C’s).

I decided the best way to get the most out of the groups was to set them up with the heading of my Great Grandparents surnames e.g. Hollingsworth, Howey, Rose, etc; and then I invited anyone who I was friends with that was related to that line of my family tree into the group, with the first ‘status’ inviting people to share (see pic for example).

I’ve had little success in some of the groups and in others it’s grown to be a great place to chat about our ancestors.  The group that stands out the most is the ‘Rose’ group.  There are 20 members, and everyone is getting involved, there’s photo, stories, and fact sharing going on daily.  It’s a real success story for how Facebook can be used for genealogy.

Have you used social networking in your family history research? Feel free to comment, or send me a tweet to @kollies to discuss this further if you want?

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