Kollies Genealogy

The first few steps on my journey

As I mentioned earlier I started off with my family tree on Genes Reunited, I didn’t really research anything at this time instead I just inputted any data I already knew, so I started with me, my wife, parents, grandparents, and any other relatives I knew a birthday for.

It was only once I’d started doping this that I realised the power of the technology available to me, I started getting email with “We have found a match for someone on your tree…” inviting me to dig a little deeper via subscribing to a full Genes Reunited package.  I was reluctant to do this as at this time I was still only starting out and didn’t want to be lumbered with a long subscription that I never used.  So instead I started googling the people the matches where for hoping that I’d find a snippet of information from a free site somewhere else.  THis never materialised, but what did happen is I started to get ‘hits’ on other peoples trees who already the same relative on there.

Now, to contact people through Genes Reunited (or any of the major subscription sites) you have to be a paid member, this was still something I was reluctant to do, as I wasn’t even 100% sure that I was going to be speaking to the right people (names may match but it could be a different person).  So I turned to the best free websites I could find for getting in touch with people…Facebook, and Twitter; these sites are where my story really began!

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