Kollies Genealogy

Getting started

I literally googled my name, and the names of a few of my ancestors that I knew, I didn’t really know what to expect, or what I would find. I was hoping to dig up a treasure trove of information about my chosen ancestor, hoping that I would find a website dedicated to that one person. That would’ve been easy, and genealogy as I’ve come to appreciate since is anything but!

What I did find from that initial Google search was that my ancestor, in this case my (deceased) grandfather showed up, with a link to a major genealogy website (genes reunited), and although it wasn’t a link to personal profile page with all of his information on it, it did get me to sign up for a free membership on the site.

This was just the beginning, the next couple of hours and days became a blur…more on that to come in the next post.

Feel free to comment, or send me a tweet to @kollies about your own family history research.

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