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I’d always wanted to research my family history but never knew where to start, I always thought to delve in to it would take hours of research, in a records office, situated in a small village, somewhere I’d never even heard of before. I never even thought I’d be able to carry out the bulk of my research on the internet, with only the odd trip to the local library to help me with access to the major genealogy websites e.g. www.Ancestry.co.uk , www.findmypast.co.uk , etc, and more importantly with minimal cost to myself whilst doing so, that’s right at the point of writing this I’ve spent no more than £20 in total during my research, and I’ve been researching for about 4 months.

I wanted to start a blog as a place to collect & share my hobby. What you’ll find here is a warts & all look in to my life through my family history, with biographies of my (deceased) ancestors, areas I’m researching, websites I’ve found useful, and other snippets of information including hints & tips.

Feel free to comment, or catch up with me on Twitter to discuss your own genealogy research.

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