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10 things I can’t wait to do with my son

As you may or may not know I’m going to be a father soon, so I’ve decided to put a list together of 10 things I can’t wait to do with my son:

• Take him to see Liverpool at Anfield, experiencing the Kop first hand

• help to teach him the basics of life, the 3 r’s…reading, writing, and arithmetic

• laugh until tears roll down our cheeks

• talk with him (doesn’t matter what the subject is)

• play football with him, his grandads, uncle, and anybody else who wants to join in

• take him the pub at 18 and buy him his first pint

• have ‘the talk’

• share my musical tastes with him, everybody needs a bit of the man in black in their life

• take him to Disney world in Florida

• hold him in my arms

There’s loads more things that I can’t wait to experience with him, but the list had to be limited to 10, however I’ll leave you with a bonus one.

• Most of all, I just can’t wait to see him.

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