Kollies Genealogy

The 16 year old man of the house!

At the age of 16, my father was the man of the house having lost his own father (aka my Grandad, Ronnie Hollingsworth). He wanted to provide the best he could for him and my nan, and wanted to move to the up and coming area away from Toxteth, and outside of Merseyside altogether…Runcorn.

Runcorn was expanding rapidly in the early 70’s, with jobs available, and more importantly new housing springing up everywhere. The only problem was to get a house in Runcorn you had to have been working there for at least a year.

So my dad got himself a job, he was still living in Toxteth and commuting via bus and train everyday, getting up at 5am and returning home sometimes as late as midnight…for a whole year!

After 12 months the application was a success, and my dad with his mum moved to make a new start in Runcorn, without this bravery and commitment to a better life, my dad wouldn’t have met my mum, and I wouldn’t be here.

This is one of (the many) favourite stories I have about my father.