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Hollingsworth Family History…Facebook page

In an attempt to open more communication channels with potential relatives of my ancestors, I have setup a page on Facebook (the worlds largest social network).

You may ask why I have a website, twitter account, and now a Facebook page? The reason is simple…exposure.  I feel that in today’s environment of ‘online all the time’, its important that I’m accessible to anyone who may be interested in collaborating, sharing stories, catching up, or getting in touch.  I mean, who am I to say that if you want to get hold of me you must be on Twitter, that would very narrow minded of me. So, I’m hoping any relatives both known and unknown (at present) will get in touch via one of these sites.
If you know anyone who is researching similar surnames to mine please point them in my direction, you never know we could be related.
Of course you could always just email me: Keith@hollingsworthfamilyhistory.co.uk