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I knew I should have chosen to study Latin!

Whilst looking through parish records on ancestry recently I relaised that the language being used was not English, at first I thought it was French due to the name ‘John’ being written as ‘Joannes’, but then after looking at a few more records I realised words like ‘matrimonius’ where appearing. I never studied Latin in school (the school I went too never had the option of choosing it either), however my wife did. So I passed over my iPad to her to translate a passage I’d found…she was too rusty, and was unable (not unwilling) to help me.

So I turn to you, I need some help translating the below passage taken from the marriage records for my Great Grandparents.

Click here to see the pic I need translating -> http://t.co/olJfPd1S

If you can offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.Regards

——————————————————————————- Here is a reply I’ve had, seems to explain it: “It is a statement that there are no impediments of consanguinity that these people should not marry. This would read out on three consecutive Sundays at the church where they are to be married.”
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