Kollies Genealogy

My 1st Memory

I was 4, and on my way to my grandparents with my mum, we used to walk it seeing as it was only 15 minutes away.  I remember the local shop we walked past used to have several large boulders in front of it (I think it was meant to be artistic), and I thought ‘that looks like something awesome to climb on’, so I leapt on to the first boulder, and amidst shouts from my mum to “GET OFF YOU’LL HURT YOURSELF”, I immediately lunged for the next one…I slipped, and fell head first in to the third boulder.

CRACK….crying….blood….mum screaming!

After that my next memory from the day was lying face up in a hospital, with a curved needle coming straight towards my face.  I needed 4 stitches, and still have the scar in the middle of my forehead 25 years later!

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