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My first certificate

Last week I ordered my first copy of a certificate from the Liverpool Register Office, I found the required one on http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/ followed the links, and downloaded a copy of the form.  Excitedly completing all the information, and then asking my parents to pay via cheque as I don’t own a cheque book any more, and refuse to put all my card details on a form that’s going to be posted, so thank you to my mum and dad for helping me out.

The form was completed, paid for, and posted.  All that was left to do was…wait.

I thought it would take a few weeks before I got a response, so imagine my surprise when my wife handed me an envelope with my own handwriting on it on Saturday, just 8 days after posting.  I carefully opened the letter, taking extra care not to damage anything inside, and let the slip of paper fall into my quivering hand (excitement).

There it was, a wonder to behold, the birth certificate of my Great Grandfather, Richard Hughson Hollingsworth.

The certificate is now scanned, saved, and put away with the rest of my paper evidence from ancestors, what happens next is yet to be fully discovered, do I search the address, look for more clues to his life, or move backwards to his parents.  The future is exciting and undecided, but one thing I do know is that whatever happens from now on with my research my 1st certificate will always be that of my Great Grandfather.

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